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Why is it difficult to analyse raw data?

Extracting useful information out of machine generated data is complex mainly because of its nature. It is

Traditional data warehousing tools are not designed to meet these conditions. You are always limited in terms of volumes you can process and the complexity of queries you can run. SpectX gives you simple searches as well as a wide set of functions to analyse unlimited raw data volumes.

SpectX Architecture

In order to deal with unlimited amounts of data in different locations, SpectX is built as a distributed computing system. Users interact with SpectX using a web browser or through a REST API. There is no need to import the data for analysis. The data stays where it is (on-prem, cloud or web) in its original format.

SpectX Architecture

With SpectX You Can:

Investigate Infosec Incidents, Do Forensics

Use different data sources across long time periods and unlimited volumes to determine the nature and scope of a security incident. Start analyzing immediately, no data preparation required.

Analyse Complex System Failures

Quickly determine and analyse the root cause of a malfunction or the outage of a service. Running queries on raw production logs gives you exact answers and leaves no room for speculation.

Experiment with Your Data

Play around with your different datasets, join them with external sources, run queries here and there to answer any simple question or solve a complex problem. The results come back extremely fast.

Do Search-Based Data Discovery

Get an instant overview of your data content in the repositories (in cloud or on-premise). Quickly identify your data volumes. Browse, preview and use listing queries to identify duplicated or irrelevant data.

Integrate Enterprise Applications

Give your support teams information directly from log archives via the API. This will dramatically cut down the time required to serve requests and with more control over privacy and data access.

Instantly analyse raw logs

SpectX makes it quick and easy to analyse unstructured data in unlimited volumes. Logs are not imported into the tool (duplicated) and stay under your control: on-premise, in the cloud or scattered across different locations. Simply download SpectX to your machine, define the location(s) of your data and run as many queries as you like using SQL or a more intuitive SpectX DSL.


Download the free trial

To give SpectX a try, download the 30-day free trial to your desktop at www.spectx.com/download The data queried with SpectX can be stored on-prem, in the cloud or be open data in the web. The data stays in its original location.