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Your team deserves better. Ditch the ineffective "broken spreadsheets" approach and switch to RiskTree's all-in-one risk analysis platform.

RiskTree transforms complex and ever-changing threats into clarity and understanding.

Decades of high level cyber security has been distilled into this tool – it has the power to radically change the way organisations look at risk.

Working with your business processes and language, RiskTree is your guide and support through complex and critical risk analysis.

Whether you manage risk in the public sector, private enterprise, or as an independent security consultant, RiskTree is on your side. And because RiskTree is from 2T Security, you get all the real world support needed to get up to speed quickly and efficiently.


On Your Side.

Cyber risk is constantly evolving and it has never been more critical to manage these threats. Only when you clearly understand the multitude of risks can you create a meaningful plan to mitigate them. If you’re relying on spreadsheets to track and understand these risks, you simply don’t have the right tool for the job. RiskTree has been developed by 2T Security – it’s your route to a clear picture and a purposeful plan.

RiskTree in two minutes

RiskTree’s job is to make your job easier. You input the threats, it will output risk levels with clear priorities. It’ll visualise these to allow everyone in your organisation to see the situation and it is easy to evolve the data in parallel with the development of your projects. And it’s quick – what might have taken weeks might typically take under one day. That means it is efficient enough to track multiple projects in the most complex organisations.

RiskTree changes everything, but who is it for? And how does it make a difference? Here are 150 words about RiskTree – none of them written by us.



“We’ve stopped wasting time trying to update spreadsheets and instead we’ve focused on RiskTree as our central place to analyse our risks. It’s saving us a load of time on wasted admin and we’re able to share ‘read-only’ reports with management which gives us real buy-in. We feel better organised with RiskTree.”


infosec manager

“We’re no longer drowning in an endless series of requests on risk data. RiskTree gives us a clear, concise process of assessing risk in one place and processes visualisations of risk really quickly. This gives us easy accountability which means more gets done, more effectively!”



“I am more effective with much less effort with RiskTree.I work really closely with clients and finding something that is easy to explain, with clear reporting is important. RiskTree leads to positive action quickly which is great. This leaves me to focus my expertise where it’s needed and means that clients are not paying me for admin tasks, so it’s a win-win.”

Support & Guidance

Unlock the power of RiskTree in whatever way suits you. RiskTree is the brainchild of 2T Security and no-one cares more about its success in the real world. That’s why the support is second to none. Choose to attend webinars, work alongside one of our consultants, play with the software on your browser – there are many ways to become a RiskTree expert.

Prices From

£ 500 Monthly
  • Unlimited nodes per attack tree
  • Unlimited files in a report
  • Unlimited risk assessments a month
  • Includes RiskTree Designer and RiskTree Processor
  • A myriad of chart types to visualise risks and share with teams and stakeholders