My First Year as a Cyber Security Consultant

Reflections on growth, challenges, and accomplishments

 by Jordan Clark


Embarking on my professional journey brought a mix of excitement, anticipation, and a touch of apprehension. As I reflect now, on my first twelve months at 2T Security, I am amazed at how quickly the time has passed by, but also amazed by how far I have come.

This past year has been truly transformative. I’ve established a firm foothold in the cyber security world, forged valuable connections and began to unlock my potential.

I know other graduates will be considering their first steps and I wanted to share my journey, highlighting the highs and the lows, lessons learned, and the milestones reached during my first year as a full-time cyber security consultant.


Here are some of the things I have learnt:


When you find yourself, fresh out of university and entering a role with primarily academic knowledge, it’s natural to worry about how gaps in your practical understanding might impact your success. However, my advice is simple: stop worrying and embrace the learning curve.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have joined a company like 2T Security. They understand that you’re not going to know everything and encourage you to ask questions. My eagerness to learn, coupled with a supportive culture has accelerated my professional development and made me more effective. I learned this lesson by simply saying, ‘I don’t know’. And, I said that a lot to begin with!

Don’t be afraid to admit when you don’t know something. Use it as an opportunity to seek out colleagues and mentors who can help you gain a better understanding of a problem.


Teamwork is crucial, as is the rapport you build with your co-workers and contacts in the sector. I was surprised by how sociable our remote working team is and the opportunities at all levels to get involved at conferences, meetings, and events.

My advice is to get stuck-in. It’s how you’ll get to know people. And, sometimes a chat with your colleagues or the occasional funny GIF gets you through a tough day. It makes all the difference. You’ll find that starting out is far less stressful when your coworkers are not just colleagues but friends too.


It’s great to have an idea of where you’re heading or, at the very least, where you might want to end up. Over the past 12 months, I’ve been figuring this out – understanding my career aspirations and goals. Until now, I’ve been more of a generalist, trying my hand at various things.

Since joining 2T Security, I am proud that I have successfully obtained my Security+ certification. I am currently working towards completing my CCNA certification.

I’ve found networking really daunting.  However, the tasks and projects assigned to me at 2T Security have provided me with real-world experience. This practical exposure to real clients and challenges motivated me to pursue my CCNA certification.

Reflecting on my first year at 2T Security: It has been an incredible ride, filled with invaluable experiences, personal growth, and professional milestones. Embracing the learning curve, overcoming challenges, fostering meaningful relationships, and celebrating achievements have all contributed to my growth. I am eagerly looking forward to what lies ahead, armed with the valuable lessons learned and fuelled by my unwavering desire to achieve.

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