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From Graduate to Junior Cyber Security Consultant…

From Lecture Theatre to Cyber Frontlines: Managing the Transition from Cybersecurity Graduate to Junior Consultant.


In the cyber security sector, fresh perspectives and new talent are crucial. In our latest article, we spotlight the journey of two recent graduates, Oliver, and Luke, who have successfully transitioned into the roles of Junior Security Consultants at 2T Security. Their stories are about personal growth and career development, but they also reflect the supportive environment that our company prides itself on.

They share insights into their experience, from the initial leap from academia to the real-world challenges of cyber security consulting. Highlighting a significant milestone in their budding careers, they talk about their recent achievements in passing some industry-recognised accredited exams, a testament to their dedication and the company’s commitment to professional development.

Their stories offer a glimpse into the life of a junior consultant, and the continuous learning, challenges, and opportunities that define the path from graduate to professional.


Oliver, Junior Security Consultant, 2T Security



I’m Oliver, a Computer Systems Engineering graduate, from the University of Warwick, now working as a Junior Security Consultant at 2T-Security. My interest in cyber security started in defensive capture-the-flag competitions, which led me to pursuing my degree, and to apply for a CyberFirst bursary.

Being on the bursary helped to start my professional network. I got the opportunity to meet people from across the industry in a range of positions. It was at a CyberFirst Careers Fair where I met 2T Security. I knew from just a few minutes of chatting that I wanted to work there after graduation! It turns out that 2T Security have been avid supporters of CyberFirst for years but because of the type of high-level work they do, I had never heard of them.


What attracted me to a career with 2T Security

I was intrigued by the idea of working on large-scale government projects, and I liked the idea of being able to work in different areas from security architecture, to risk and monitoring – so I applied for a graduate role. I was delighted to be offered a position within the security monitoring team. As well as getting on-the-job training, alongside some seriously experienced consultants, after a matter of a few months I obtained my Blue Team Level One and Splunk Certified Core User certification, with a view to complete more.


The industry has a lot of certifications, and whilst it helps clients to be reassured of your skill set, I believe it is important to pursue the knowledge that makes a difference to your employer, and to your personal ambitions. I am being supported to do this at 2T Security. The company and my manager have been excellent, offering me time to prep for exams, and to sharpen my knowledge.



My best advice for graduates looking to break into their first cyber security role would be to really hone-in what you like doing – whether that be device or storage forensics, penetration testing, threat hunting, cyber risk assessment, incident response, or anything else! Explore the wide variety of roles out there and do whatever you can to learn your favourite topic’s fundamentals in preparation for an interview. See if you can deploy any relevant software on your home network Most companies looking for entry-level roles respond very well to people who take initiative and are passionate for their topic!


Luke, Junior Security Consultant, 2T Security


I’m Luke, I graduated from the University of Glasgow with a degree in Computer Science, and a specialism in Information Security. Like Oliver, I was fortunate enough to get a place on the NCSC’s CyberFirst scheme.  This provided me with access to employers, as well as valuable experience with internships at Airbus and Illuminate, and eventually to a permanent position at 2T Security.


My 2T Security experience so far…

I am really happy to be part of the 2T Security team, it is a rapidly growing, dynamic company full of like-minded consultants and with the opportunity to work collaboratively on projects and to learn from one another. The company are open to people trying different roles and discovering what they enjoy which can be useful when you aren’t certain on what sector of cyber security you are set on pursuing. They have also been supportive of personal development with regards to certifications and I recently achieved my Blue Team Level 1 (BTL1) Certification and am working towards Splunk certifications as a result of this.

I have only been with the company for six months, but I appreciate the investment the company has made in bridging the gap between being a graduate with baseline knowledge and supporting me with both the time to develop skills, and funding for certifications.



The Blue Team Level 1 exams were well rounded, some of the content was covered in my degree, but some stuff was new. It was also interesting to cover some soft skills tailored specifically to the cyber security industry as this is something you don’t necessarily get as a student. In the immediate future I would like to build on my core knowledge but later pursue certifications that offer more specialism and give the company a more diverse skill set amongst the early careers personnel.



Finally, as a CyberFirst Alumni, I was invited to help the team at a careers fair, to share my experience. As well as being a fun day, the opportunity to give back and share my experience with prospective graduates was great – I’ll have even more to share next time! So, my top tip would be to get yourself along to the careers fairs and to have a chat with people who are a year or 2 ahead of where you are now. Good luck.



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