Secure Development and Production Infrastructure Consultancy

2T Security provides a vendor-independent service to assist clients in the design and delivery of their infrastructure required to support networking and infrastructure hardware and services capable of hosting data and services at all levels of security. We can help with selection and procurement processes, system design and documentation, as well as the relevant procedures for their use. This service helps our clients in rapidly building a project-specific environment to support development and document hosting; it can also help them to build a strategic environment that operates at a higher impact level than their existing IT is designed for. This can help support the development of services ready for easy migration onto IL2 and IL3 G-Clouds. Our philosophy is to provide only the amount of help and support that is required; we are happy to teach our clients how to build and run the environment to enable in-house management, or we can work autonomously and deliver them an environment that allows them to focus on their core business functions.

We have experience of requirements specification, design, procurement, build, and run of environments accredited to process assets up to IL6. In particular, we can help with enabling safe data transfer across Protectively Marked domains, for example, where "isolated" environments are required, but data such as anti-malware and anti-virus updates are required to be automatically sent to the environment. We have developed "template" designs that have survived the rigours of CESG review, and are proven in the field.

Key benefits


The provision of a new environment, especially for higher impact levels, can be a complex and time-consuming task. We can help with many of the steps needed, including:

Our design service can help provide solutions to infrastructure issues, including: